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Corporate Engagement

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Want to become our corporate partner?

  • Sponsor our research to protect others.

  • Fund our training courses to change lives.

  • Support our events to amplify voices. 

  • Become our corporate partner, make a difference, and gain the benefits of working with us.

At ReportOUT, we stand at the forefront of social change, driven by our commitment to research, inform, and defend the rights of LGBTQ+ populations worldwide. Through our Corporate Engagement Programme, we invite global businesses, of all sizes, to join us in this transformative journey. Read more below.

A note from our CEO

Future-facing organisations know that equity, diversity, and inclusion make good business sense. Customers and employees want to see progressive organisations making a difference to the lives of LGBTQ+ people, both within their organisations, and externally. 

In fact, 73% of LGBTQ+ respondents are looking for CEOs to provide education on societal issues and to step in to help solve societal problems when other entities fall short. The LGBTQ+ community wants organisations to have a greater purpose, and simply put: highly engaged employees want to work for engaged employers. The rewards for employers who meet these higher expectations of their LGBTQ+ workforce are high: LGBTQ+ employees are more loyal, more engaged, and more likely to advocate for their employers than their heterosexual colleagues (Edelman Trust, 2021).

ReportOUT prioritise working with any private sector businesses, large and small, who have inclusion, sustainability, and human rights at the heart of what they do. As a volunteer-led organisation with a significant global reach, and an excellent reputation, we are able be agile, flexible, and needs focused.


We are delighted to work with you, and we hope that you will become one of our own corporate sponsors and partners, to truly help us all to advocate and change the lives of LGBTQ+ people across the globe.


Drew Dalton

CEO of ReportOUT

Why Partner with ReportOUT?

A growing body of research on LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace has found that Fortune 500 companies that welcome sexual and gender diversity among their employees attract strong talent that leads to business success. Studies have found that the presence of LGBTQ-supportive policies is associated with increased productivity, increased profitability and higher firm valuation.
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What can ReportOUT offer you?

Our corporate engagement opportunities:


Brand Visibility

We can elevate your brand's visibility and reputation by aligning with ReportOUT's mission and initiatives. Gain exposure to our diverse global audiences.



Advisory Support

We can offer you expert guidance from a global pool of researchers. Benefit from tailored support for EDI policy and access our rapid response support dedicated to help you navigate complex and ever changing global social issues as they happen.

Training and Education

We can equip your team with the knowledge and skills to foster inclusivity, diversity, and equality within your organization either live or in MOOC format.


Guest Speakers

We can provide a range of global guest speakers for events at your organisation, such as Pride Month, IDAHOBIT, Human Rights Day, LGBTQ+ History Month, and more.


Research Access

We can unlock valuable insights and research findings from our extensive network of experts. Gain access to cutting-edge research on LGBTQ+ rights, social justice issues, and global trends, informing your corporate strategies and initiatives effectively.

Our Reach and Impact

Current and Former Corporate Sponsors

Out North East1
DID Consultants
Abodus Student Living
Holiday Inn Sunderland
University of Sunderland
Sunderland Business Improvement District

We are a Charity Affiliate of Broken Gods Productions:


Broken Gods Productions is passionate about changing the landscape of accessible theatre, whilst entertaining and supporting the community. Founded and run by creatives who have seen an opportunity for change, Broken Gods are building a community-centric, theatre-loving foundation from which the possibilities are endless. Broken Gods strives to uphold their active engagement in community interests. They are proud corporate sponsors of ReportOUT.

Charlie headshot.jpeg
Headshot Calum.JPG

"Broken Gods Productions is thrilled and honoured to affiliate with ReportOUT. Protecting the human rights of sexual and gender minorities is an incredibly important mission and one we are looking forward to supporting in any way we can. This global effort represents everything we are about at Broken Gods; serving the community and the people within it. Feeling accepted, safe and valued within a community is a basic human right and ReportOUT is taking the very crucial steps in ensuring people are informed enough to report and defend it"


Charlie and Calum

(Founder and Co-Founder)

Want to find out more?
Join us in making a difference

At ReportOUT, we believe in the power of collaboration to effect positive change. Join us in our mission to advance LGBTQ+ rights, foster inclusivity, and build a more equitable world for you and future generations. 

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